Picking right up your car or truck after transport will require the same awareness of detail you exhibited before the vehicle was loaded onto the truck for transport. Ensure you have your entire paperwork in order before picking right up your car. This paperwork carries a condition report on your car or truck before transport, auto shipping insurance, pictures of your car, and other paperwork that could have been fond of you.

Once you go to grab your car or truck, you must gather other paperwork including another condition report. File these papers away in the event you find damage later on. It https://www.europcar.com.pl/also be recommended to take pictures after your car or truck has been transported as well.

You need to arrange to select your car up during the day so that you will be able to see if there is damage anywhere on the body of your car. Have the driver or car transport service representative with you to verify any damages that you find. This can make filing a claim with your auto insurance company or with the car transport company a little easier. They will sign the situation report.

When picking up an imported car, you must arrange to really have the car inspected by customs before you will undoubtedly be permitted to take the vehicle home. After the car has been shipped, the automobile transport service should have the ability to let you know when the car will arrive and should call you when it really does. This can make scheduling an inspection much easier.

If for reasons uknown your car or truck has substantial body damage, you must try not to become visibly angry. You ought to take pictures, make certain all documents are signed, and call your insurance company when possible. This is the best way to deal with this situation. Remember it is your decision to create down all damages that you discover and to take pictures. It can be your decision to speak to your insurance company or the car transport service when filing a claim. By remaining calm, people may well be more willing to work well with you.


If the vehicle transport service does not desire to cooperate with you after you have filed your claim, you may want to get legal action. You should also file a claim with the Better Business Bureau.